Command and Conquer Relived

Vacant Positions

  • News Team

    • -Upload News by using the news system designed by Ronco
    • -PHP scripting skills not required, as you will be editing the html file
    • -Post at least 2 pieces of news every week
  • Content Managment Team

    • -Create and post images, videos and files for the community to download
    • -Resize images appropriate for use in news section
    • -photoshop Design skills required

  • Sub Forum Moderator

    • -Moderate the Sub Forums provided by Banshee of PPM Site
    • -Must have Moderated a forum prior to be eligible with 2 character references
    • -delete and edit post if they go against the community standards
  • Podcaster

    • -Record news and other worthy projects in the Command and Cionquer Community
    • -Podcast must be made once every week at least, together with bloopers, if any
    • -Provide audio files to the Content Managmen Team for Publishing