Command and Conquer Relived


Command & Conquer Relived was established in December 2009. We are planning to revive the Command & Conquer Franshise as long as we can. In response, This site was made in rememberence of  Westwood Studios. We are planning to get this running 24/7 including news from the front.

So, please support this site by posting your opinions, and donate!! Cause Bandwidth and Hosting doesnt pay for itself. Enjoy browsing through this site and think of Tiberian Dawn as a great game that started it all.


This site contains information that is vital to surviving the Command & Conquer Community, with news that are delivered behind enemy lines. That right, our tough spies risks exposure and capture to bring you the latest news from the front. (exegeratted)

Mod lovers, keep up to date with mod progresses and those that have already been released. With so much mods out there, one's gotta collect them all. If you know of a mod that we havent added, feel fee to PM or email me together with the mod name, Link and pictures.


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