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MOD - Command & Conquer Retarded


        Welcome to C&C Retarded, the best mod ever made: EVER... C&C Retarded is the latest of the "Retarded" Mod
        Series that I began back with C&C Generals: Zero Hour. Something about this mod you should know, is that it is     completely  made by one dude, me, TheGunrun. I find that working alone allows me to create what ever the hell I     want with out people bitching. Download my mod and find out why I still make this. This mod contains so much    "hellaf*ckin' balls- to-the-walls awesome" you will regret not having played it sooner. Every game you play will
        be epic, never before has a command and conquer title been able to produce as much POWER AND CHAOS.

  •     Features:

                       -Wage war with new Epic units like the Gunther and the Evisceration Wormhole.
                       -New structures like the GDI Intellegence Center.
                       -New faction, The Unholy Alliance which features structures and units from all three factions
                       -And many more. for the full list and features, tune in here

  •     You can download the mod here

Screenshots - Command & Conquer Retarded